Sponsorship, Events, Activation - Weekly Update

What happened this week at Bastion EBA and in the world of sponsorship, marketing and events?


This week we had the joy of celebrating International Women’s Day, with numerous sporting teams, organisations and brands reaching out to celebrate the fabulous ladies of the world. Rebel Sport were announced as sponsor of the new Australian documentary Will To Fly, featuring Aussie aerial skiing champion and all round legend Lydia Lassila, and Uber released a series of clips focused on female drivers personal stories.

The day also served as a reminder of how far there is to go in reaching true equality for women, in numerous sectors. An example of the existing gender gap was evident in the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures on teenage girls sporting participation, most alarmingly 15-17 year olds.

The proportion of girls aged 15-17 years were reporting no or low exercise levels was 55.9%, much higher than males 38.3%

Less than half (44%) of girls aged 15-17 were undertaking moderate or high levels of physical activity compared to 62% of boys


Powercor Country Program Kicks Off

Powercor were announced as the Major Partner of the new Essendon FC and Geelong FC collaboration, the Powercor Country Program.

The Powercor Country Program took to the Hume last Thursday and ended up in Shepparton. Here Powercor launched the community engagement sector of the partnership with the brand interacting with the local Shepparton community and having strong presence at the NAB Challenge match. 

Look out for a sea of Powercor red at the MCG for the upcoming Country Round between the Cats and the Bombers on April 16th. 

In other sponsorship news...

ESPN + ATP Media = On Demand

ESPN has tied up an exclusive broadcast rights deal for 19 of the biggest tennis tournaments around the globe. The new five-year deal with ATP Media will see ESPN be the exclusive broadcasters in Australia and New Zealand for all ATP World Tour Master’s 1000 and 500 events.

Dare Iced Coffee + Saints = Chilled

Dare Iced Coffee extended it’s partnership with St Kilda FC after a strong first year with the club, with year on year sales increase and increased brand recall at 90% amongst Saints fans. Dare Iced Coffee joins Pepper as long-term principle sponsors of the club.

TAFE Queensland + Gold Coast Commonwealth Games = Well Trained

TAFE Queensland has signed on as the 5th sponsor of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, to be held in sunny Gold Coast. The education organisation will provide training to all volunteers of the Games.

Hyundai + 2016 Biennale of Sydney = Hat Trick

Hyundai has signed onto its third major arts and culture sponsorships in just three months, highlighting the increasing importance of the territory for major brands. The Biennale sponsorship completes the hat trick with Topfest and Sydney Festival, with Hyundai in the drivers seat. 

Digital bytes

1. We Are Social have released a very interesting report on the average social media time spent for a variety of countries. Here's a quick breakdown - the Japanese spend a healthy 18 minutes on social media daily, Filipinos are at a whopping 3.7 hours, and Australians are at a significant 1.2 hours. #tweetless #livemore

2. China continues to be a nation at the forefront of technological innovation and adoption. Revenue associated with virtual reality in China hit nearly $49m in 2015, with a 400% increase on 2014 spending, and the trend is set to continue in 2016.

3. Under Armour have hit the ground running in 2016, beginning consumer testing of its 3D printed shoes, Architec 3D. The technology will give the brand the ability to perfectly fit a shoe to an athlete, by scanning their foot and printing to specifications. Future fantastic!

And now for something completely different...

You want to talk about limited edition merchandise? How about a tractor? That’s right folks, to promote the recently announced partnership extension between Manchester United and Japanese diesel engine manufacturer, Yanmar, the club have released a limited edition red tractor. The dual-branded tractor is to promote Yanmar’s position as Man United’s Agricultural Vehicles Partner. We think it would look quite nice in our garage…


Have you spotted something awesome not included here? We'd love hear about it.