How To: Create corporate events that break the mould

Highlights reel from the CLIA 15th Annual Cruise Industry Awards, hosted by Bastion EBA and captured on video by Bastion Stadium.

For many executives, corporate events and galas are a near weekly occurrence. The format, content and experience at these events can quickly become very dry. Our challenge at Bastion EBA is to create events that break the corporate mould every time. 

We recently worked with CLIA on their Cruise Liner Awards. The event is in its tenth year and over the past few years we've seen attendance grow by following some easy insights. 

1. Food is the star

Serving the right food and beverage is key to any corporate event whether it's a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bastion EBA ensures to always choose the best venues and make sure the food is that of a three hat restaurant.

Menu tastings (our favourite part!) and seasonal selections are essential for creating a memorable meal. 

2. Industry Insights

Every industry has differing needs and wants when it comes to their corporate events. We use insights to understand exactly what executives and guests want to experience at each event, and provide a thorough and up-to-date understanding of our target audience.

3. Surprise & delight

Surprising guests is one thing we love, and a cleverly planned surprise always provides a memorable talking point which keeps your event front of mind long after guests have left the ballroom.

At the CLIA awards, Australian superstar Tina Arena stunned guests with an incredible, surprise performance that had everyone raving.

4. Capture the content

Your event can and should exist beyond the venue. Capturing content from the night and amplifying across your social and digital channels allows the experience to be shared with those who weren't able to be there. Content can be videos clips or images from the night, with guest testimonials or quotes from key speakers also providing really powerful content.

Having this content on file is also essential for selling both tickets and sponsorships for your events to come. Our in house content agency, Bastion Stadium are experts in getting the right shots, every single time.

5. The Talent

Your MC can make or break your event, so choosing MC's and event hosts who are talented, vibrant and charismatic is key to ensuring a great experience for your guests. At Bastion EBA, we work with high profile, well regarded MC's and hosts to ensure our events are seamless and truly entertaining.

What are the best corporate events or galas that you have attended?