How To: Increase consumer engagement at your next activation

In 2016, Blackmores launched their sponsorship of the Australian Open, becoming the official wellbeing partner of Australia’s biggest sporting event.

A key component of the sponsorship strategy was an in precinct activation that brought the Blackmores experience to life. The team at Bastion EBA worked tirelessly with Blackmores and event partner PIM to create an engaging customer experience that embodied Blackmores’ brand and values.

The key consideration during the strategy and production stages, was how do we create an activation that truly engages the consumer? The activation had to go deeper than a simple sample hand-out or a photo-booth where customers were in and out in under a minute.

From here, a checklist for activation success was developed, which allowed Blackmores' to create the perfect fan experience.

1. Expert Design

The precinct has to be expertly designed and visually stunning to draw fans in and make them curious about your product and brand, while also being functional and adaptable to manage large crowds of Australian Open fans. 

2. Enjoyable activities

When people just grab a sample and go, they're hardly engaging or experiencing the brand. The Blackmores' Wellbeing Oasis included a digital Wellbeing Check, photo booth experience, superfood sampling bar and massage station which gave multiple touch points between brand and consumers - and most importantly, it was fun!

3. team

The promotional team who are talking to customers and guiding them through the experience are essential to the feel of an activation. They need to be well versed in the products on offer, the brand in general and the opportunity on offer for any consumer that is in the promotional space. Staff that are passionate, confident and believe in the brand will make sure consumers leave your activation feeling the same.

4. Product

Your product needs to shine through in your activation, but not in a way that gets in the customers face. Blackmores' Superfood range was the star in the Wellbeing Oasis - customers were able to taste each product, hear about the benefits as well as take home dry samples to experiment with at home.

5. Advocacy

Your guests can become your biggest brand advocates - they just need a means to do this in a way that feels natural to them. An interactive photo booth with plenty of props and customisable background allowed customers to have a bit of fun, while also representing the Blackmores brand to their friends and family on social media.

6. Reason to share

Customers need a compelling reason to share their experience with your brand. Each guest worked with a Blackmores promotional team member through their Wellbeing Check, a unique and individual experience that gave customers personalised insight into their overall wellbeing. This meant that there was a personal connection, which kick started a positive conversation, encouraging them to share their experience with those around them. 

7. keep the conversation going

Once fans have stepped through your activation, your relationship shouldn't stop there. Social media & digital marketing are the perfect channels to continue the conversation. Make sure your social media team are commenting on fans' photos, and follow up visits with EDMs or digital spot prizes to keep fans excited long after you've shut up shop for the night.

What activations have you seen recently that captured your imagination and made you fall in love with a brand?