SXSW Insights: When will robots really take over?

Bastion EBA's Group Account Director Fran Fenemor attended the 2016 South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. She'll be providing learnings and insights from her time at SXSW on here on the blog.

Whilst attending SXSW in Austin this month I attended a panel discussion about robots and their developing role in society.

Over the past decade we have all slowly watched machines take on basic labour tasks. The future for robots and AI (artificial intelligence) will be an interesting one – and perhaps something I’d be happy to see slowly develop!

Whilst we have machines that now replace the basic work  tasks of humans, the journey to have intelligent robots in society may be complete in the not too distant future. Scientists believe that by 2023 they would crack the code and create true AI in robots.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

What does this mean, and what is AI?  Well, I guess it means that robots will begin to have the personality and brain-power of a human (…and perhaps literally be able to take over the world!).

Scientists still need to work out how they can create common sense, empathy and emotional intelligence in a robot to establish a true human character.

This is a big task, meaning it might be many years before robots have the ability of humans.

But when it does happen, it will change the world quickly – and in a big way.

Just like many years ago, we believed we would never have personal computers and now everyone has a multitude of devices, many believe this will be the same for robots, and soon we could have robots both in industry and our everyday lives.