Before acquiring or renewing any sponsorship, we recommend brands undertake a Market Competitor Analysis and Recommendations (MCAR).

The MCAR provides a detailed analysis of your existing portfolio and finds the best possible partnerships from the thousands of opportunities in the market to deliver your Sponsorship Strategy.


Sport and entertainment has become a commodity-based economy.

We work with sport, arts, entertainment and charitable organisations to help them differentiate themselves and drive additional revenue from Sponsorship, Membership, Ticketing, Events, Stadium Economics and Broadcast.


Sponsorship isn’t simply putting an ad on a billboard. It takes a team of experts to ensure the partnership delivers everything that was promised, and more.

We provide that team, along with proprietary tools and IP to ensure that your sponsorship delivers a direct return to your business.


Strategy is a bunch of words and pictures on a page unless it can be successfully implemented, and we know that sometimes actually putting a team on the park, or musicians on stage gets in the way of doing this.

We provide an expert team to implement strategic recommendations and deliver commercial outcomes.


Finding and buying the right sponsorship is only one half of the equation – activating the sponsorship is the other.

We work with leading brands from art, culture and sports, through to entertainment and charitable organizations, creating new and innovative activations.

We thrive on bringing high-level concepts to life by affiliating them with popular individuals, events, or causes.

Public awareness is essential and we pride ourselves on delivering pragmatic, ROI driven commercial solutions to our clients, and we have a bloody good time doing it.


We believe that people fall in love with a brand through emotional moments. At Bastion EBA, we deliver these moments through major events, integrated conferences, retail and product launches and unique corporate hospitality experiences.

We work to effectively leverage the sponsorship, with a clear focus on measurable ROI. Engaging your clients and ensuring they walk away with an experience like no other are core elements of any great hospitality event we execute. Whether the brief is consumer or trade led, our highly skilled teams believe it’s about challenging the norm and leaving a lasting impression.

With experience across a broad range of hospitality and major events, we push the boundaries and allow your brand to take centre stage.